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Who We Are
Affinity Art Gallery is a Modern and Contemporary art gallery located in Lagos. Nigeria's busiest and most inspirational city.  

Established in 2017 and opened in 2020, Affinity Art gallery is dedicated to the promotion and celebration of artists who are passionately sharing the African narrative with their works. Through our diverse exhibitions, educational programs, institutional collaborations, and representation of emerging artists, the gallery intends to play a role in the support and advancement of Modern and Contemporary African art.

Affinity Art Gallery work expands beyond its white walls through a public art education program that focuses on schools across the country. The program will include off-site and on-site excursions educating students about African art while highlighting the history of the continent through its artists.

Affinity Art gallery is committed to spotlighting the work of its artists by increasing the visibility and accessibility to local and global audiences.

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