Ben Osawe
Untitled, Ink On paper, 27 * 17in © 1988

Ben Osawe (b.1931) is one of Nigeria’s iconic sculptors, taught by his father, who was a sculptor at the court of the king of Benin, Oba Eweka II.

Osawe’s motifs originate from his African surroundings, whereas his style is mostly European.

In his 20’s, Osawe moved to London to study at the School of Graphic Art (1956-59) and the Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts from 1960 – 1965. In 1966, He returned to Nigeria before moving to Benin City in 1979, where he continued to sculpt in a variety of media, including cement, wood, clay, and metal.

Osawe’s works have been shown in many exhibitions in Africa, Asia, Europe, the UK, and the USA. He died in 2007.

Ben Osawe
Sculpture Bronze
25 x 56
© 1999

Omokwho (Female)
Sculpture, Wood
64 inches
© 1999
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