Segun Aiyesan
Victim to Villain Mixed Media, Acrylic on Canvas 58 x 46in © 2019

Segun Aiyesan (b. 1971) in Benin City, is a Nigerian Postwar & Contemporary painter.

Segun Aiyesan’s canvases display a masterful technique that reveals the psychological approach he has to his art and his passionate interest in the life of the mind as well as the world around him.

As an experimental artist, Segun works across different mediums, his works have embedded in them deep metaphors and innuendos from his lived experience, which is his pool of inspiration. The most important thing about my work is that I believe God has a divine presence in it.

Segun Aiyesan is featured in Nigeria Artists Fight Back Against the Oil Industry, a piece from the Frieze Magazine in 2018.

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