Sokenu Abayomi
Sisters Mixed media 34.5 * 22.5in © 2018

Sokenu Abayomi (b. 1976) in Lagos, Nigeria, where he still lives and works. Abayomi studied fine art at the Yaba College of Technology.

He is a professional artist who previously worked as an illustrator in an advertising company following his National Youth Service in Kaduna. He has exhibited his works in many exhibitions.

Sokenu’s work portrays a high standard of color application on canvas to convey intriguing depths between the strokes of accidental lines that connect different edges of the canvas. His works express the richness of human enterprise guided by the mutual stimulating interaction between man and his environment. His color spectrum is fascinating as he frequently utilizes tactile qualities of short strokes of color. He also regularly explores the use of design elements as stylistic tools in creating an illusion of images infusing and juxtaposing these with textures of colors.
Sokenu does not imitate photographs or mimic mere likeness but enjoys allowing viewers to identify his subjects based on his unique artistry with mastery of colors.
He is the co-founder of Art Clique, an Art group with the aim of painting en-plain air in 2010. He is a member of the society of Nigeria Artist (SNA) and Art zero group.

Mixed media
35.5 * 44.5in
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