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Tomilola Olumide

Tomilola Olumide is a Nigerian multi-disciplinary visual artist.

She earned her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from the Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton. Her work contextualizes the storytelling and projection of her personal histories and experiences in wedges of experimental autobiographical exercises.

Olumide produces ornamental forms and ephemeral structures as visual experiences through wall and room installations. In 2018, she expanded her practice to a term she coined “fabric drawings”, constructing pictorial symphony of sculptural forms from mixed materials including plaster, metal, and fabric. Her installations are recognizable for their mix of influences, imagery, use of color, and subject matter.

Olumide has exhibited at Ecobank’s Pan African Centre’s Opening Ceremony Art exhibition by Tim and Carol Gallery of Art, Lagos, Nigeria (2021), Beyond Otherness, Openhand OpenSpace, Gallery, Reading, UK (2021)

Lips that keep moving
200 x 200 cm

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