Lagos, Nigeria
Daniel ‘Pengrapher’ Oshundaro | Muofhe Manavhela | Valerie Etitinwo
18th December, 2022 - 14th January, 2023


1 : refinement or delicacy of workmanship, structure, or texture
2 : skilful handling of a situation : adroit manoeuvring

Exhibition Details

18th December, 2022 - 14th January, 2023


Office Unit 2
1 - 7 Muri Okunola Street
Victoria Island,
Lagos, Nigeria.

Affinity Art Gallery is pleased to present Finesse, an exhibition of works featuring Daniel ‘Pengrapher’ Oshundaro, Muofhe Manavhela and Valerie Etitinwo. Finesse shows the works of artists coming into their own in terms of the incredible skill and impressive detail that forms their artistic practice and process. From the conceptualization of their works, to the execution, up until they are hung on the walls, these artists and their attention to every brushstroke is a testament not only to the success of their works but also to their budding careers.

Valerie’s works capture the range of simplicities and complexities of human emotions, showing our humanity in all its intricacy. Her works exemplify the saying “there’s nothing new under the sun” by putting our interactions with each other and with ourselves on display. Her style is inspired by the cubist movement and also her desire to paint outside the box of realism. The bold colour-block style and exaggerated limbs in her work exemplify both the intensity and subtleties of the human experience. Similarly, in her paintings, Muofhe aims to reflect black womanhood in all its glory and struggle. She channels her lived experiences into her work while also recognizing that these experiences are not singular, instead there is a universality and connectedness to other black women around the world. This universality of experience is a theme increasingly being explored by black and minority artists around the world particularly by women artists. With Pengrapher’s works, he explores the old and the new by fusing elements of classical art with his own contemporary style. Using sometimes recognizable scenes from well-known classical paintings, he reinterprets them by changing the context surrounding them into situations and stories relatable to his own personal life as well as the present times.

This exhibition shows that these artists have their fingers on the pulse of what is relevant in today’s society as they approach such salient topics with grace and aplomb.

The exhibition runs from 18 December 2022 – 14 January 2023 at Affinity Art Gallery, Unit 2, 1-7 Muri Okunola, Victoria Island, Lagos.


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