Studio visit with Akinola Taoheed | It’s All In Me exhibition

Studio visit with Akinola Taoheed for ‘It’s All In Me’;

A group exhibition curated by Wunika Mukan featuring nine emerging artists from Nigeria and its diaspora, whose takes on black portraiture apply diverse media and styles cutting across traditional wet media, contemporary photography and collage.This exhibition tells a story of being and becoming.

“The use of purple patch-like scars on the skin on my subjects depicts bravery, spirituality and wealth which also connects to the meaning behind my name Akinola – ‘brave wealth’ or ‘the strong one has wealth’ and my day-to-day struggles.”
– Akinola Taoheed

Akinola Taoheed Olaitan (b. 2000, Lagos, Nigeria) is a multi-disciplinary artist pursuing a degree in Art Education at the University of Nigeria Nsukka.. He underwent training with Odeyemi Oluwaseun Ezekiel and Aragbada Steven Olayinka between 2013 and 2014 to enhance his skills. He also participated in a training program at the Universal Studios of Art under Abiodun Olaku and Salako Olajide Peter. In his regular artistic practice, he chooses to express himself with human figures and leans towards portraits. He considers art as both a hobby and a potential career.

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