Studio visit with Anne Adams | Lagos ART X 2022

Studio visit with Anne Adams for ‘ART X Lagos 2022’.

For our debut at ART X LAGOS 2022, Affinity Art Gallery is pleased to present SWIMMING UPSTREAM, a collection of paintings, ceramics and an installation by Anne Adams, Damilola Onosowobo, Justice Mukhelli and Nene Mahlangu.

Anne Adams is a Ceramic artist, born and raised in Nigeria. She’s Currently a first-year graduate candidate of Ceramics at Temple’s University Tyler School of Art, and Architecture. She has a BSc in Economics from Babcock University, Nigeria (2015). In 2018 she had an encounter with award winning Cameroonian Ceramicist- Djakou Nathalie Kassi, who mentored her into her Ceramic practice.
Anne’s work explores the body as a vessel, an embodiment of culture, lived experiences and societal conditioning, she interrogates the internal subject of sense of belonging, vulnerability, tension, lack and survival. She explores the symbology and cultural significance of African fabric as a mask or shield. In her work she references the importance of cultural preservation and sustainability.
She has exhibited her work internationally including London and Paris. Her work is collected by the Yemisi Shyllon Museum of art. In 2019, she was awarded the Award for Creativity at the CEO’s Network Africa, 2021 she received a recognition by YNaija as top 50 youths making a difference in Nigeria. In 2021 she was recognized as one of 100 leading women in Nigeria by Leading Ladies Africa and in 2022, she received recognition from the Lagos State Governor on International Women’s Day, as one of the 100 women making a difference in Lagos, Nigeria. Her recent exhibitions include Salon Revelations Biennale, Le grand palais, 2022, A Vernacular Homage to Architecture and Design, Affinity Art Gallery, Lagos, 2021,The Invincible hands,Yemisi Shyllon Museum, Lagos, 2021.

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