Studio visit with Derek Jahyém Jomo-Ogboi | It’s All In Me exhibition

Studio visit with Derek Jahyém Jomo-Ogboi for ‘It’s All In Me’;

A group exhibition curated by Wunika Mukan featuring nine emerging artists from Nigeria and its diaspora, whose takes on black portraiture apply diverse media and styles cutting across traditional wet media, contemporary photography and collage.This exhibition tells a story of being and becoming.

“My pieces prominently feature references to architecture, clothing and jewelry, all of which have symbolic connotations deeply rooted in history and culture. Most notably, I draw inspiration from my mother’s wrappers, incorporating local African fabrics into my compositions. They reference a household staple that integrates afrocentric themes into the scenes, as well as links to past and present.”
– Derek Jahyém Jomo-Ogboi

Derek Jahyém Jombo-Ogboi is an artist from Delta state who grew up in Benin city, Nigeria and studied art at the Yaba College of Technology. He is inspired by the human form, nature and music, and draws stylistic inspiration from the classical masters. His painting style can be categorized between figurative surrealism and naturalism. Using canvas as a primary medium, he is similarly adept with other contemporary mediums such as graffiti on walls as well as auditory mediums. Derek’s works are a manifestation of factors surrounding his upbringing, orientation, beliefs and personal values. This includes appreciation of aesthetics, the emancipation of mental slavery as well as non-conformity to societal pressure. His work has been featured in the New York Times and he has shown in group exhibitions including Vanguard Street Art Auction, Bristol UK (2021) and [RE:]Entanglements Exhibition, Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology, Cambridge UK (2021).

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