Studio visit with Emmanuel Adeyemi | Desire Lines exhibition

Studio visit with Emmanuel Adeyemi for ‘Desire Lines’: a group exhibition featuring four emerging artists from Nigeria and South Africa.

The exhibition, is the culmination of the first emerging artists open call issued by the gallery at the beginning of 2022. The selected artists utilize a variety of mediums and materials to create new meanings and interpretations. Their use of materials are equally as significant as the conceptual underpinnings of their works, as they aim to upend viewers’ expectations and initial impressions.

“‘Man asks: what’s going to happen now? How did I end up here? What am I doing with my life? When is my time coming? Where am I going? Etc. These are questions I’ve asked myself at some point in my life and I’ve come to understand through observation that man is just one of the billions of elements that resides within time. .”
– Emmanuel Adeyemi

Emmanuel Adeyemi Adebayo is an artist living and working in Lagos. His works include paintings and sculptures that take on various shapes and forms in motion intended to draw in viewers both as witnesses and also as part of the creation. By engraving a fresh cycle of thoughts in their minds and imagination, he provides a chance to challenge perspective and perceptions. Through an awareness of purpose, he is engaged with refining his artistic talent with a focus on transforming the earth and our relationship with it for the better. Emmanuel’s work has featured in various group exhibitions such as Inferno Of The Living, Retro Africa Abuja (2021), Editions #17 Segou’art, Gallerie Medina, Mali (2021) and Sculpting the city, Rele Gallery, Lagos (2020)

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