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Studio visit with Jonathan Chambalin for INTERSECTIONS

Studio visit with Jonathan Chambalin for INTERSECTIONS; a group exhibition with four contemporary Nigerian artists.

The artists’ work explores themes around the paradox and consequence of choice, the importance of documentation, and dares to challenge societal stereotypes.

‘You have to look at the small things to understand the big things’ – Jonathan Chambalin

Jonathan is an artist who works predominantly with Monograms, mixed media, and Acrylic. He creates symbolic forms that are a product of less seen and more felt phenomena that have shaped the human mind through societal structures and adaptation. His passion for drawing began at a young age while growing up in Nigeria. His father noticed his ability to communicate visually and encouraged him to pursue the arts.

Jonathan’s work is microscopic due to the elemental nature of his ingredients. He investigates the science of thought production, the in-betweens, and a hypothetical description during those split scenarios of evolving existence influenced by communal living subconsciously interwoven with the mind.

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