Studio visit with Lawrence Meju | Desire Lines exhibition

Studio visit with Lawrence Meju for ‘Desire Lines’: a group exhibition featuring four emerging artists from Nigeria and South Africa.

The exhibition, is the culmination of the first emerging artists open call issued by the gallery at the beginning of 2022. The selected artists utilize a variety of mediums and materials to create new meanings and interpretations. Their use of materials are equally as significant as the conceptual underpinnings of their works, as they aim to upend viewers’ expectations and initial impressions.

“‘I intend to explore mindscapes while also challenging narratives by portraying my subjects in intimate, meditative, and surreal spaces; essentially breaking the boundaries of portraiture and creating unimagined worlds.” – Lawrence Meju

Lawrence Meju is a visual artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. He is currently studying for his bachelor’s degree in Architecture at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. Lawrence looks to inspire authenticity as well as explore his ideas and creative styles no matter how mundane they may seem. He believes that seeing the big picture sometimes requires an intersection of many ideas. He tells his stories with a variety of mediums – paper, paint, and digital mediums. His works have been exhibited at the Adidas flagship London with Creative Debuts (2022) and “The Ties that bind us” virtual group exhibition by The Cowrie Culture (2022).

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