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Studio visit with Lulama Wolf Mlambo

Studio visit with Lulama Wolf Mlambo for A Vernacular Homage to Architecture & Design: featuring sculptural and installation works by Nigerian artist Anne Adams alongside paintings by South African artist Lulama ‘Wolf’ Mlambo.

A Vernacular Homage to Architecture and Design highlights the importance of tradition, heritage, design and sustainability. The exhibition focuses on the social functions and information passed down through generations by African matriarchs, outside of a globalized modern commercial practice.

The artist’s take the viewers back in time when art existed out of the necessity of who people were, their lifestyles, culture, spiritualism, and when humanity was intertwined in a rhythmic dance with nature.

“While thinking about what to create for this exhibition, I thought about how I can remain myself, or remain vernacular and still move on as a young African woman.” – Lulama Wolf Mlambo

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