Studio visit with Nzubechukwu Ozoemena | It’s All In Me exhibition

Studio visit with Nzubechukwu Ozoemena for ‘It’s All In Me’;

A group exhibition curated by Wunika Mukan featuring nine emerging artists from Nigeria and its diaspora, whose takes on black portraiture apply diverse media and styles cutting across traditional wet media, contemporary photography and collage.This exhibition tells a story of being and becoming.

“‘These are the ladders that lead to the valleys of graces’ is a continuous body of work depicting intimate moments in one’s life that are simultaneously public affairs. Alluding to shared experiences within the catholic community, it references personal archival sources such as photo albums while highlighting themes of memory, connectivity, community and spirituality using catholic iconography..”
– Nzubechukwu Ozoemena

Ozoemena Nzubechukwu is a visual artist working from Benin, Nigeria. He is a self taught painter currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Architecture at the University of Benin, Nigeria. He is greatly influenced by ancestry, familial patterns, and lived experiences. Nzubechukwu is inspired by artists such as Jennifer Packer, Austin Uzor, and kudzanai- Violet Hwami. With a mildly textured layout of paint and roughly scribbled text, he tries to pull the viewer into the complexities and similarities of regular human life, activities and interactions leaving the viewer nostalgic, wanting more. Nzubechukwu’s works have been shown at group exhibitions such as Stop; listen, CFHILL Art Space Stockholm, Sweden (2020).

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