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Studio visit with Tomilola Olumide for I AM & … NOTHING ELSE

Studio visit with Tomilola Olumide for I AM & … NOTHING ELSE

an exhibition in celebration of International Women’s month featuring five visionary female artists from Nigeria and South Africa.

The exhibition draws inspiration from the book “Women who Run with the Wolves: Myths and stories of the Wild Woman Archetype” by psychoanalyst, author, and poet Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

“As a black woman and also as an African woman, there is more pressure to speak about political issues and agency and like social economic subject, it doesn’t feel welcomed but it’s nice to be vulnerable” – Tomilola Olumide.

Tomilola Olumide is a Nigerian multi-disciplinary visual artist. She earned her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from the Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton. Her work contextualizes the storytelling and projection of her personal histories and experiences in wedges of experimental autobiographical exercises.

Tomilola Olumide’s absorbing three-dimensional installation responds to the language, gestures, tones, and microaggressions towards women in a misogynistic society. Through her sculptural medium of ‘fabric drawing,’ she envisions a world where women can be “the very best versions of ourselves”, without being oppressed, restricted, or compromised by irrational and systematically regressive ideals.

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